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Eskmuir was established in 1990 by the Laing Family Trusts with the purpose of delivering a resilient, reoccurring  income stream and capital growth from commercial property investments.  Eskmuir’s track record includes over 30 years of unbroken dividend growth for family trusts and charities. 

In 2015 Eskmuir launched the Diversified Fund for Charities as a tax efficient unit trust for charity investors seeking access to a diversified, actively managed commercial property portfolio with a clear investment strategy.

Delivering Returns


The team at Eskmuir is highly experienced with a proven track record of managing direct property investments both for its shareholders and third parties. The Team benefits from a strong retention rate and a stable management structure.

Investment Strategy

Eskmuir predominantly invests in multi-let assets offering enhanced returns through active asset management. Sectors and regions for investment are identified through research lead appraisals to identify opportunities for out performance.


Diversification mitigates risks at a portfolio and property level. Diversity in income stream, sector and location reduces risk with active management enhancing income and capital growth. A broad occupier base is utilised to reduce tenant specific risk and create additional opportunities for delivering growth.


As both a direct investor and fund manager Eskmuir has a unique insight into creating long term risk managed income accretive and capital growth investments.

Track Record

Eskmuir has delivered 33 successive years of dividend growth to its investors. An 11.45% annualised total return has been achieved since inception. The £16m initial investment in Eskmuir in 1990 has grown to £167m in 2023. This is over 3.4 times the level of growth that would have been delivered through RPI in addition to which the average dividend on the seed investment is c.13.7% pa.



Eskmuir was established in 1990 by the Laing family and their charitable trusts to manage their endowments invested in direct property.  The Laing family’s activities in the real estate industry date back to James Laing in the 1840s. This provenance shapes the longstanding relationships that Eskmuir builds with its investors, advisers, partners and tenants to deliver attractive returns.


The key strands to Eskmuir’s business model are; Investment Management – acquiring properties to be asset managed and then sold once their bespoke asset plans have been completed. Asset Management – to unlock hidden value through enhancing income and capital values; Fund Management – managing third party investors’ funds to deliver reoccurring risk managed dividend and capital growth and optimised returns.

Fund Management

In addition to managing Eskmuir’s directly owned investments Eskmuir also manages third party funds, sharing its management expertise and industry knowledge to deliver returns against clearly defined investment strategies tailored to the investment drivers of investors.


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